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Congratulations, Сolonist, on joining the ranks of the first members of our upcoming space expedition! You are the Leaders, Sentinels and Pioneers of our future colonies in the new savage world. Having passed many trials and received unique experience, knowledge and equipment, you will be able to adequately meet all the dangers that await on an alien and mysterious planet.

Just a few steps left to activate your access card and get all benefits it contains:

  1. To activate your code, you need to login to the Population Zero site and open your Personal Profile If you do not have a Population Zero account yet, you need to register first.
  2. On your Personal Profile page - find the “Redeem code” form. Enter the access code you got into this form and click Submit.
  3. As soon as you redeem your access code, you will receive a confirmation to successful activation of your card or a notification about the impossibility of activation with error description.
  4. After successful activation you should see the word ‘Active’ below the icon of the card you purchased in your Personal Profile page. You can learn more about the package you purchased by clicking on the package icon or the link under it.

You are now a part of the team. Welcome aboard!

In case of any issues with activation or questions about the package you purchased - write to